"The times they are-changin..." 


Dylan’s Café is North East India’s first tribute café and was established in January 2016. We have attempted to create a space which not only celebrates the legendary Bob Dylan’s music & poetry but also stimulates creativity, introspection and good conversation.

Dylan´s influence, as a singer-songwriter, on the development of 20th century popular music is indisputable. His ability to combine poetry, harmony and melody in a meaningful, often provocative context, has captivated millions in all age groups, and in most cultures and societies.


He has had immense influence on Shillong’s local music and his patrons formed the bed-“rock” of the western music movement in the city way back in the 1970’s. Local Musician, Lou Majaw and his friends have been celebrating Dylan's birthday with a tribute concert every year since 1972. As Majaw passionately puts it, its not so much his music as it is the lyrical depth of his writing that inspires me. 

Dylan's songwriting has received global acclaim with the Nobel Prize in Literature which was awarded to him in October 2016.

"Don't think twice its alright..." 

Tunes from Dylan and his contemporaries form the backdrop and the comfortable couches with colourful artwork add to the relaxed vibe of the café. In a pursuit to add a touch of local flavour, we made a trip to Iewduh (Shillong’s oldest and largest market) and picked up little knick-knacks which add to the cafes quirky decor.


The menu is hearty and comforting, much like Dylan’s music and includes favourites such as all day breakfast platters, succulent burgers, pancakes, waffles and a range of decadent desserts. You are welcome to leave behind your own tribute to Dylan by painting a ceiling tile or bring in a book and pick up one in exchange from our bookshelf. The favourite and most recommended activity, however, is definitely relaxing on a couch in our beautiful balcony overlooking agricultural fields with a cup of strong coffee! And if you still need more reasons to visit then we suggest you turn to Dylan himself...

"The answer my friend, is blowin' in the wind..." 

Dylan's Cafe

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